Digitization in these times, vaccine in a single dose for companies

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One day the world went to bed with one reality and woke up with another. Upon opening his eyes, he found that his relationships with his clients were profoundly transformed.

Today’s race for many companies in an increasingly competitive world marked by the situation caused by the pandemic focuses on keeping their businesses on track.

And since there is so much talk about vaccines for humans as the only alternative to end the pandemic, it is more than necessary to draw a parallel to understand that a business transformation based on digital technologies is the only viable resource that companies have to keep your business alive.

It could be said that the history of the world and respecting the readers’ beliefs is once again divided in two; AC and DC, before the Covid and after the Covid as it is.

Returning to the earthly plane and measuring the high digital impact on business behavior in 2020, during the period that goes from Black Friday to the Christmas campaign, online sales grew more than 50% globally compared to the same period of 2019 at $ 1.1 trillion.

The question is: Are all those sales going to return to the physical environment when the pandemic ends? It does not seem viable. So what are companies risking by not going digital?

Companies developing business software do not hesitate to affirm that today those who do not have a specific digital migration plan incorporated to manage interactions with their clients are at high risk since they may face a drastic reduction in their activity or even a business closing.

The big bet lies in incorporating technologies to improve their efficiency, make better decisions, and increase the speed when generating new ideas and transferring them to the market.

Proximity, productivity, efficiency, and speed are the four concepts that revolve around the necessary transformations that every company aspires to take advantage of in the new digital environment’s opportunities.

Be careful. At the center of everything are the customers.

At the same level of digital transformation, whatever the sector, are the customers. Everyone has to deal with a customer or consumer who is increasingly digital and whose behavior is framed in four points:

  1. He is used to solving his purchases and procedures immediately.
  2. Compare the different offers you receive.
  3. He is demanding of his time.
  4. Demand first-class service regardless of the channel through which you contact a company or brand.

This digital customer needs to be given greater confidence. Hence, companies have to take care of the product but must pay more and more attention to customers’ experience, who do not hesitate to affirm that the way a company acts during a crisis shows whether it can be trusted or not.

Solutions to face transformation

The consolidation of the digital customer in this age of transformation means that companies acquire much more data about it. Managing this information is crucial, and for this, up-to-date cloud platforms and cloud services are needed to personalize communication.

Now, the implementation of digital solutions depends a lot on the degree of technological maturity of the company. In general, medium-large companies already have digital transformation programs deployed and highly digitally trained personnel. In this case, it is recommended to deploy support in more concrete and more technical aspects.

 In other companies with a lower degree of digitization, digital transformation consulting is the one that will allow them to know the existing alternatives in the market and how they can digitally transform their company.

It is essential to highlight the fact that digital transformation is not an objective. It is a means to improve the competitiveness of companies, so it is critical to be clear about the processes, the business model, the value proposition of each company and see how technology can improve or transform them.

Digitize in times of crisis. There is no other option.

It is necessary to understand that technology is an ally. Tailored development is essential to guarantee survival in a context such as the current one and provide companies with access to the necessary solutions to continue growing and adapting their business to the new reality.

In times of crisis like the current one, business digitization is the way. This one-dose vaccine will prepare companies to face challenges and tough competition.

Doctus accompanies companies in their digital transformation.

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