Medellin, a great potential as a Nearshore for the U.S. market

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Currently, the software and IT services sector represents 6% of the total amount of foreign investment that has flowed into Medellín and, although the share of investment is relatively low, its greatest impact is reflected in the number of investment projects and the jobs they can generate. For Medellín, foreign investments in this sector represented the generation of more than 10,800 jobs from 98 investment projects by 89 companies.


The type of activities and operations that software and IT services companies develop in the city are mainly software development and provision of associated services (86%), followed by data processing (7%) and to a lesser extent, activities associated with Fintech and Edtech with 4% and 3% of investment projects, respectively.

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Is Medellin an attractive destination for nearshoring?


Yes, it is. When reviewing the data regarding the investment country of origin in the software and IT services sector, we find that 49% of the projects come from the USA and to a lesser extent Spain, Canada, Mexico, Uruguay and the United Kingdom.


These investment projects are installed in Medellin mainly for the outsourcing of software development and services to provide support to current customers of the companies, as well as the establishment of strategic alliances with local firms or setting up their own operations.

This makes us an ideal market for nearshoring investments given the advantages that Medellin offers today: first, access to an abundant and qualified labor force; second, the efficiency in operating costs; third, Medellin is seen as a platform for exporting services to the North American and Latin American markets; and finally, the levels of bilingualism.


In addition to the above, the territory of Medellin has an ideal geographic location for import and export operations of goods and services.

These are some of the benefits of having Doctus as your Nearshore:


  • Similar and adaptable time zones.
  • Deadline for the first interview – 25 days
  • Our work processes are performed using agile-scrum type methodologies and with adaptability to others.
  • 100% of our employees work full time.
  • 96.1% of our employees would recommend the company to a friend (We work in a happy environment).
  • More than 15 years working in software development.
  • We establish long-term relationships with our clients, and grow with them.
  • Our recruiters are highly trained to identify the best bilingual software personnel in Colombia and recruit them.
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