Process automation: the power to make everything simpler

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It is often thought that working under the principle of the simple is indicative of disability. Still, the simple is, without a doubt and proven, the most effective in marketing.

Of course, it is one thing to say that the cake is simple and that Marcela explained the investigation straightforwardly. Between the two postulates, there are light-years of difference. The first doubts the skills of the pastry chef, and the second, on the contrary, highlights the presenter’s skills.

The practice of simplicity is not new. Companies have always sought to simplify tasks that are performed very frequently as much as possible. Automation is significant for this. The more automatic the processes are, the smaller the possibility of error and the more outstanding the company’s professionalism. Investing in automation has become a necessity. This fear is often the result of ignorance. That is why at Doctus, we will reveal the main benefits of process automation in companies.

Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations.

The correct automation of processes allows full use of technology to optimize the service provided. The correct association between man and machine allows more extraordinary performance on a day-to-day basis.

The correct association between man and machine allows more extraordinary performance on a day-to-day basis.

Reduces operational costs, increasing profitability.

Automation generates considerable savings insofar as it allows the elimination of errors, reduces the time to carry out a particular task, and reduces the need for many collaborators to perform the same function. Correct automation allows to identify points of inefficiency and delays quickly and can be corrected immediately.

Improve employee satisfaction.

With most automated processes, they can finally focus on relevant activities.

Minimize human failure in repetitive activities.

When processes are automated, the probability of making mistakes decreases dramatically. For example, using an expense management system like the one from minimizes expense claim mistakes and speeds up the process. The procedures to be followed are known to the collaborator. It turns out to be easier for him to carry out his work correctly. Consistently executed processes always guarantee the best results.

Reduce rework with low-value tasks for your business.

Tasks performed manually are much more time-consuming than those that can be performed by software. An automated system will allow a specific task to be programmed only once. From that moment on, it will be repeated with accuracy and efficiency, consuming less time and eliminating the probability of errors.

Improvements in internal communication

It is very complex for a person to organize emails, notes, and small reminders. With an automated workflow, communication in the company becomes more straightforward due to a control panel in the software. If all employees consult the same tool, communication between departments becomes more manageable since they all know the work that colleagues are doing.

At Doctus, we create and design solutions for the automation of processes. We not only focus on the delivery of projects but also on adding value. Suppose you wonder what they are going to get with Doctus. In that case, we can say that we are traveling companions and always open communication channels. We love processes because they are what lead us to obtain results.