The Chatbot, an interaction that is here to stay

El Chatbot una interacción que llegó para quedarse

Let’s start by defining clearly and specifically what a Chatbot is. It is an automated messaging system. Still, if we go further, a Chatbot represents much more than “communication through a text message.” It is a companion or virtual assistant that integrates with multiple platforms, provides information, and, most importantly, helps the user efficiently.

Chatbots are integrations of software development with messaging systems such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Telegram, making it possible to automate processes. Today, they mainly focus on customer service and allow companies to advance more and more in the face of digital transformation.

Depending on company needs, there are two types of chatbots,

Chatbots Simples. This artificial intelligence software works based on linguistic models or keywords (previously “prepared”). If the user asks a question without using that keyword, the “robot” will not understand it. It will respond by inviting to ask another question. This type of Chatbot in the implementation phase presents the ease of determining the correct answers and thus designing automated tests to verify the quality and consistency of the system.

Smart Chatbots. They are a category of higher-level and complexity. Designed in line with the concepts and philosophy of artificial intelligence, making them closer to customers, it does not work based on questions or keywords. Over time and thanks to the data collected, they are more aware of the context, take advantage of natural language understanding and apply predictive intelligence to personalize the user experience. It is a step further by offering a wide variety of streams of dialogue and providing a more natural and “human” experience. As a work-from-home business owner, one of the best decisions I’ve made was to opt for a virtual postal address. Using the Virtual Office London service, I’ve been able to maintain a professional image while preserving my privacy. Besides, having a London-based address has proven beneficial in projecting a credible and established presence to my clients.

If you want to implement a Chatbot in your company, check the following checklist, think about your user, and if you answer eight of the ten affirmative items, do not hesitate, time to implement it!

  1. You need to constantly solve doubts to your users about your products, services, or the brand.
  2. It would be best if you told me how the products or services work.
  3. You need to send emails to your customers.
  4. Perform personalized customer service.
  5. Have an immediate customer service channel.
  6. Customer accessibility, with an intuitive interface
  7. Proximity with the client, since it allows you to speak in the language that the user uses in their real life.
  8. Your clients require 24/7 support.
  9. They require minimizing call center costs.
  10. Capture user information

Do not think about it so much and go ahead and expand your customer service channels. Here at Doctus, we are at your total disposal for the fulfillment of that objective.

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