Do you know what a payment gateway is and how to choose the right one for your business?

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When you have an online business, normally what you are always looking for is a pleasant shopping experience for your customers, making them come back and, of course, recommending you to their family and friends.

To make this happen, you must not only have a nice website, eye-catching and easy to navigate, an interesting product, and good after-sales service, you must also have a reliable, fast, and intuitive payment platform. Card machines for business are adaptable to different industries and transaction volumes, supporting efficient and secure payment operations.

“You must not only have a nice website, you must also have a reliable, fast, and intuitive payment platform”

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In this article, I want to share with you what a payment platform or payment gateway is, what are the attributes you should take into account, which are the most recognized, and how you can choose the right one for your online store.

A payment platform is a service that is installed in an online store, and connects the customer’s banking system with the store’s, allowing a link between the two and thus, generating an economic transaction, in this case, allowing the sale and purchase of a product. Make your research so you can pick the right and Trustworthy card payment providers for safe and secure transactions.

If you have not yet decided on a payment gateway for your e-commerce, you should take into account the following attributes that are highly valued by customers when shopping online:

1. Trust: The payment platform you install in your online store must generate confidence in customers, a tip to implement it is looking for platforms that are recognized in the market, in this way users will feel confident to make their payments.

2. Scope: When you are going to choose the payment gateway, you must be sure that it will have enough reach for your customers, this means that they can pay with different methods, for example; credit cards, debit cards, QR code, transfer, or cash consignment. The more possibilities you give them, the more probabilities you will have to close the purchase.

3. Support: It is important to consider this attribute when you choose the payment platform because you must be sure that the provider you select has support both for your online business and for the customer because this will guarantee that if payment errors occur, they will be solved easily and quickly.

4. Security: Finally, make sure that the payment gateway you choose has high-security standards, and under no circumstances will the information of your company and your customers be disclosed or violated, this will prevent electronic fraud and of course, you will generate confidence with your customers and users.

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Well, after knowing these essential attributes for a payment gateway or platform, the question is, which one is the right one for my business?

Today the most recognized in the market are: PayPal, PSE, Mercado Pago, Stripe, and PayU, each one offers different benefits and to know them in depth or make the right decision, my suggestion is that you should consult an expert ally because you will have the possibility of having a team that will support you with the doubts that may arise, their experience will help you make the best decision and even more when you are going to venture into the e-commerce world.

A great ally for the choice and implementation of your payment gateway is Doctus, a company that will work on your project with the same dedication as you, clarifying your doubts and accompanying you in this important process of choosing the payment platform.

We hope you have been clear about what a payment platform means, remember that if you have questions or want to complement something to this article, share it in the comments, we look forward to seeing you in our next post, we are happy to have you visiting our blog!

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