Order tracking: Logistics control and customer satisfaction

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The new global reality has accelerated the digitalization of companies and the increase of B2B and B2C online sales. Talking about a purchase through e-commerce really sounds easy or familiar nowadays, but there is an indispensable element that can make a customer make a repurchase or discard you completely.

Faced with increasingly digital and impatient consumers, tracking online purchases is crucial to their satisfaction.

Shipment tracking systems and traceability allow you to detect any type of incident that could happen in the order distribution process. Through this type of software, you can monitor any stage of the supply chain and see at what point there are delays or any inconvenience that may alter the delivery process.

Having this functionality will give you internal and external advantages, and allows you to have a clear and real-time view of your logistics processes and costs.

  • Cost reduction of logistic processes

These functionalities or software allow optimizing resource management to make it more efficient. For example, you can manage the number of routes, vehicle distribution according to routes, and delivery proximity, among other factors. The most important thing is that you have a digital record of the continuous monitoring of the transporter and thus verify pick-up times, transit times, delays and delivery. With this data, you can analyze in detail the efficiency to make changes that improve the profitability of the supply chain and know the real cost of the logistics operation of your company.  

  • Delivery control

Having visibility over the complete path of each route allows full knowledge of the process: routes taken, times when the vehicle is stopped, delivery location, packages delivered, and some relevant data. Therefore, these software programs not only help to minimize costs but also to improve the shopping experience.You can also Find fulfillment information here and make eCommerce and logistics more convenient.

With the shipment tracking functionality, you can easily monitor metrics related to the movement of goods. The visibility gained on inbound and outbound shipments is especially useful for outbound freight, because it allows you to see the progress of the shipment and determine if any delays need to be reported. A smooth transaction experience can significantly boost customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. However, setting up an efficient system can be challenging. That’s where a reputable transaction processing outsourcing solution can step in, ensuring that businesses deliver consistently excellent service.

  • Minimizing delays = better customer experience

Nearly half of consumers place great importance on shipping and delivery processes as part of the overall shopping experience.This is what most services like Sky Van Lines noted, and is striving to accomplish. By having the ability to track orders, your consumers can have greater peace of mind, especially if they have portals where they self-manage that tracking.

  • Distributed and accessible information

Constant contact with your customers is essential, these features allow you to configure notifications by email, chat, or text message, informing each stage or delivery status of the order in an automatic and personalized way.

Do you think this is perfect for your company? If the answer is yes, we invite you to contact us to provide you with an optimal solution and take advantage of all the benefits we can offer you.

Let’s take a look at the following two important factors that the implementation of an order tracking system in our ecommerce offers us in terms of customer experience:

  1. Feel close to the company, real-time notifications provide valuable information to the consumer about their purchase and that makes them feel important and protected.
  2. Having visibility of their purchase, being able to consult delivery schedules, delays, or long waits at any time the user wants, increases confidence.

By fulfilling these two requirements and delivering the product in perfect condition, you will have a satisfied customer who will most likely make a repeat purchase.

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