The evolution of B2B ecommerce

The evolution of B2B ecommerce

The B2B market is evolving.

Today, buyers can access an infinite number of suppliers and are no longer limited in their search by geographic location or business profile. There has been an increase in direct-to-consumer sales by manufacturers, as well as the beginning of competition between wholesalers and retailers since the online channels are boosting new revenue streams. 


Today we are also noticing new millennial generation buyers, with more diverse backgrounds and different views, perceptions, and desires, who are changing the way B2B purchasing is done. Add to this the digital acceleration of recent years, which has expanded the tools available to buyers alongside a market that was already in a state of radical change. With the addition of the pandemic, the final big step towards online B2B purchasing was taken.

La evolución del ecommerce B2B 1
La evolución del ecommerce B2B 1

What customers buy is also changing.

Until now, high-value or highly complex products could be purchased over the Internet, due to the amount of information and technical knowledge required to confirm an order. Buyers are no longer evasive, as studies show that all kinds of products are now purchased over the Internet. Suppliers who previously considered their products too complex or expensive to purchase through an online store are now able to offer these products on the Internet.

B2B Ecommerce Quality Opportunity

However, the B2B e-commerce boom has not been without its difficulties either. According to a study by Sana Ecommerce, 50% of e-commerce sites do not fully meet the expectations of B2B buyers. In addition, 94% of B2B buyers face some kind of problem related to their customer experience. There are multiple factors behind buyer disappointment. Delivery problems and tracking options are the main cause of their dissatisfaction in their relationship with suppliers.


About 1/3 of shoppers are frustrated by the functionality of the e-commerce checkout process. Among the list include product feature visibility, easy checkout, the convenience of reordering, and even access to order history. These features are easy to fix if you have the right platform.

La evolución del ecommerce B2B 2

As B2B purchasing increasingly moves to the Internet, companies must be sure to prioritize investment and take advantage of the right ecommerce partner or provider to meet the demand, both in terms of orders and customer experience. If this is your case, at Doctus we have an expert team in B2B ecommerce and software development to give you a hand, so don’t doubt in contacting us.

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