When we talk about eCommerce, there are two main types. Do you know them?

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When you are going to set up your ecommerce, you must be very clear that it is not the same to sell to a company, that is, to sell in quantities or wholesale, then to sell to a final consumer, to sell by units.

There are two significant types of eCommerce within the online market, which we want to present to you. In an easy, fast, and simple way, we will tell you the details of each one and what they are for. The types are known by the following acronyms: B2B and B2C, which you will see below.

Let us get started…

“To set up ecommerce, it is essential to know which ones exist, what each one is about, and which one is the most suitable for you. The above is defined according to your need or business idea”

1. ecommerce B2B

B2B eCommerce, or eCommerce Business to Business, is a transactional site where operations between two companies occur. That is to say, these eCommerce companies sell their products wholesale, and their clients can be large, medium, minor, or distribution companies.

Something fundamental that characterizes this type of eCommerce is that it is not sold to the final consumer.

It can be said then that there are three types of B2B eCommerce:

  • A seller who is looking for new buyers.
  • A buyer who is looking for new sellers (distributors)
  • An intermediary looking for a transaction to exist between a buyer and a seller (dealer).
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If you think that this is the type of eCommerce you need, we recommend taking the following into account:
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  • You must know the market and the product you are going to offer very well.
  • When selling large quantities, you must consider that the prices must be competitive. At least, it would be best if you gave a margin for negotiation.
  • The ERP of your company must be connected with eCommerce. In this way, you will guarantee that the inventories of the products are updated.
  • You must have an excellent logistical ally and advice to import and export in case you need it.
  • Finally, you must have the accompaniment of an expert company in web design and construction. This way, you will guarantee that you will not miss anything in your B2B eCommerce.

2. ecommerce B2C

B2C eCommerce, or eCommerce Business to Consumer, is the one that surely we all know because if you have ever made an online purchase, you did it through a B2C eCommerce.

Unlike the previous one, in this type of eCommerce, the transaction occurs between the provider (brand, supermarket, clothing store, accessories store, etc…) and the end customer.

If this is the eCommerce you are looking for, either because you want to start a business or because you want to boost a business that you already have, keep the following in mind:

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  • Suppose you are entering the world of online sales and want to create your eCommerce. In that case, there are predetermined platforms that can help you and your business, for example, Shopify, Vtex, Woocommerce, among others.
  • Keep in mind that a B2C eCommerce must be very clear about the audience and the products you want to sell, select your niche very well.
  • Get logistics providers that become your greatest ally so that the delivery of your products does not affect the shopping experience.
  • Finally, take care of the user experience, and seek advice from companies with experience in creating custom eCommerce.

Now that you know the two main types of eCommerce analyze very well which one you will choose according to your business objective. Although I have already mentioned it before, if you can look for an expert ally, do not hesitate to do so. If you do not know what it may be, I recommend you to Doctus, a company that will understand your need and provides you with tailor-made solutions.

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