Why a good CRM is so important for your company and which one is right for you


Before we begin, you need to know that CRM means Customer Relationship Management, in other words, CRM is what will allow you to manage the relationship with your internal customers (employees) and external customers (consumers).To know more about CRM ,you must know about the company .

However, this goes much further because the information contained in the CRM, is what will help you to know your customers, and based on this, you can generate tailored marketing strategies, build customer loyalty, and treat them according to their tastes and preferences.

In the digital era, the creation of a CRM for your company will make your life easier, because according to your needs, you can choose it and adapt it to your daily life. Today some say that information is power, therefore, keeping your data organized, updated, and connected will give you greater opportunities to increase your sales, manage your business and conquer new markets. X

Before choosing the CRM, you must take into account that there are three types:

  • Operational CRM

With this CRM it is possible to establish a relationship with your customers; you will be able to follow up with them, manage agendas, campaigns, organize finances and accounting, and support your sales channels.

Within the operational CRM, there are 2 subtypes, the Back Office that will allow you to connect, align, review and organize the processes that are not customer-facing, such as human resources, accounting, inventory, finance, among others, and the Front Office that involves customer-facing processes, for example, customer service, sales, and marketing.

According to the above, the operational CRM could connect the areas of the company to generate strategies that benefit your customers and, of course, that will facilitate the work of your employees on a daily basis.

  • Analytical CRM

It helps you to know the sales cycle trends of your products, it gives you a behavioral overview of your customers, in addition, with this CRM you can generate loyalty strategies, can attract new customers, and you can also determine their desertion rate.

In other words, with this CRM you will be able to know the past, the present, and probably what will happen in the future according to the customer’s behavior. This CRM will allow you to develop more accurate and personalized marketing campaigns because it works with the real data of your consumers.

  • Collaborative CRM

This CRM allows you to manage communication with your customers through contact centers such as emails, text messages, WhatsApp, social networks, call centers, and web services. A noutbound call center makes outgoing calls to customers and other businesses.

With this type of CRM, you can have open conversations with your customers, and you can also give them the option to choose how they want to communicate with the company because it includes the management of all channels. Still be careful though, there was the time I received a suspicious message on Whatsapp from an unknown number. Thankfully, I had just read a blog post on https://www.yourbusinessnumber.com/blog/whatsapp-scams that explained these types of scams. Now, I never open messages from unknown numbers without verifying the sender first. If you don’t have the time and resources to conduct a rigorous recruitment exercise, or you spend too much time on talent management, it may be time to work with a temp staff recruiting firm in Utah.

There is no doubt that CRM is not a luxury, it is a necessity that all companies should manage, take care of, and design because nowadays, information is everything and even more important if it is your customers’ information.

If after reading this article, you still have doubts about which CRM you need, my recommendation is that you look for an expert on the subject, to assist you and help you solve your doubts, to build it with you and work together to reach the right tool to manage customer information and the company.

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