API: How to create a consistent customer experience?

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Probably, on many occasions, your customers have found the experience inconsistent. Perhaps the mobile app doesn’t have the same features as the website. Or maybe the website doesn’t work exactly the same as a recently updated mobile app. Whatever the cause, the customer experience is inconsistent and can result in customer churn.


APIs should be designed to query and deliver results from various systems with the customer experience in mind.


We must remember that there are APIs that help customers complete a job. It doesn’t matter if the job requires the use of the API to start and finish the job, if the API is required to perform a part of the job, or if the job consists of linking systems and organizations through machine-to-machine communication.


It doesn’t matter what kind of business model you have or the size of your business, APIs are becoming the best solution.

What is an API platform?


Platforms create an ecosystem for organizations, customers and partners. They connect everything the company does, both internally and externally. Until recently, most platforms were created by providers that connected a multifaceted market, such as supply chain management, customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP).


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Now, API platforms are emerging within organizations to create internal, partner and public solutions that meet market demands. 


Being able to act on data in real time is a key focus of a maturing API platform. With the ability to scale the way it uses its own data, it will be able to analyze and act in a more agile way. Let’s look at an example of how an e-commerce API can benefit.


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Enterprise data management boosts APIs through messaging and data streaming


Organizations have multiple options for exposing their API-based capabilities. These options allow API platforms to address specific developer needs by offering one or more API styles. For most organizations, using REST as a basic API style is prudent because it has a history of administration, security and accessible tools. The gRPC can be used to optimize internal service-to-service communication where it is relevant. GraphQL is a good choice in addition to REST for generating reports and front-end APIs that require optimizations for customer experience. 


Choosing the API styles your company uses helps to support a variety of case solving:


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