Cloud storage: what are the benefits for a company?


Physical storage for companies is increasingly becoming history, not only because it takes up so much space in the company’s facilities, but also because of the high costs involved to maintain it.

Constant change, digitization and the need to adapt to new ways of working are factors that influence the day to day of our companies, therefore, the way of storing information is also changing, it is increasingly common to hear of cloud storage. Businesses may need the help of their managed IT services to help them in handling their cloud infrastructure.

In this article, we want to tell you the main benefits of implementing this service in your company, why it is a good option to save your information and the most important details of this topic that is becoming more and more popular within IT areas and companies in general.

1. Economic savings for the company: When you contract the cloud storage service, you will quickly start to see savings on different aspects, for example, energy savings, savings in the purchase of specialized equipment, savings in maintenance and space savings. Physical storage systems involve great efforts by the company to maintain the uninterrupted work of the servers, which require adequate temperatures and constant monitoring.

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2. Reduces barriers to accessing information: People in the company can access information 24×7, from anywhere in the world and securely. Facilitating the work of employees and allowing the company to adopt measures for the new ways of working that are becoming more and more common.

3. Access to information from different devices: Employees will be able to access information from their cell phones, computers, tablets and corporate equipment, giving them more options to perform their tasks without the need to be connected to the company’s network.

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4. It promotes teamwork: When information is stored in the cloud, multiple people can access and work with it at the same time, allowing the same file to be edited simultaneously, making life easier for employees by reducing face-to-face meetings and giving people immediate access to information changes in each project.

5. Reliable information: One of the major concerns of companies today is information security, however, cloud storage can be the solution to this issue. With this service, natural or accidental events such as floods, fires or short circuits will stop being a concern. Also, the loss of information becomes a low risk, because with this service, you can have several backup copies, ensuring that in case of loss or cyberattack, the information can be recovered.

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It is possible to adopt this service for your company, and it is increasingly easier, our recommendation, if you are thinking of implementing cloud storage, is to seek information, ask questions and if necessary, contact experts to show you the differences between the portfolio that currently exists.

If you are new to the subject, and do not know who to contact, we recommend Doctus, a company that focuses on solving the specific needs of each client with the premise of becoming strategic partners of your company, contributing to its development from knowledge and action. Thank you for visiting our website, we look forward to seeing you in a future post.

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