Customer Data Platform: A tool to take digital marketing to another level

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One of your biggest challenges is managing customer data? If the answer is YES, a customer data platform may be the solution for you and here at Doctus we help you to implement it, developing a customized one or integrating it with other platforms to get its full potential.


A Customer Data Platform is a software that collects and unifies in a single database all the information about your customers, allowing easy access to this information from other systems. This platform collects customer data from different channels, processes and cleans them by deleting information that is not relevant, eliminating duplicates and generating an updated, unique and complete profile of the customer or consumer, which is useful for marketing campaigns.


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These platforms are highly useful to solve customer data integration, tagging and storage problems and you can look at this website for complete information. In this way, we can have a unified view of all interactions in a customer data platform to develop and execute our strategies.


According to Forbes “Insights/Treasure Data study”, 93% of marketing executives believe that using and analyzing customer data provides them with a substantial step change in facing disruptive and competitive challenges.

One of the most representative characteristics of customer data platforms is the great diversity of data that can be stored and unified. Here are some common data sources:


  • Transaction and order data: e-commerce, administration and sales systems that generate data about purchases, order dates and renewal dates, customer and product value, abandoned carts, refunds, etc. 
  • Behavioral, web and mobile data: products and categories viewed by the user, clicks, interaction information, number of pages visited, among others.
  • Profile data: who are the customers and what do they want, contact data, psychographic information, lifestyle, preferences, personality.
  • Product data: inventory levels and price.

Customer data platforms democratize access to all this data across different departments and customer contact points.


Customer Data Platform 1


The benefits of having a customer data platform

  • Provide a unique view of the customer
  • Enable companies to be more competitive
  • They are agile. They adapt to user behavior and constantly changing technological trends.
  • Democratize data. Accessibility of this information to marketing departments, business intelligence and customer service, for example.
  • Enrich relationships with partners and suppliers, enabling more segmented communication.
  • Provide better customer experiences and effective marketing.
  • Improve operational efficiency

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