Digital Transformation: What should I take into account to carry it out in my company?

Beneficios de la transformación digital 1

It is no secret that the digital era has arrived, and with the pandemic it has increased, forcing companies and businesses to implement digital processes in their day to day operations. 


Constant change, digitalization and the need to adapt to new ways of working are factors that influence the day to day of our companies, therefore, digital transformation is a reality and almost an obligation for your business growth today.


Here, we want to share with you the main steps to implement a digital transformation process in your company, why it is a good option for your business and the most important details of this topic, which is becoming more and more frequent in companies worldwide.


Change corporate culture:

If the company’s steering committee decides to adopt digital transformation within the company, the first step to be implemented is structural actions to help change the corporate culture.


Digital transformation will not only bring changes in the way things are done, it will also bring changes in the speed at which projects are executed, in methodologies and of course in people.


Beneficios de la transformación digital 1

A company looking for a digital transformation must have everyone “on board”, from the CEO to the assistants, in order to guarantee a successful, consistent and long lasting transformation.


Beneficios de la transformación digital 2

Training and attracting the right people:

To ensure a successful digital transformation, human talent is essential, therefore, the company must be willing to hire new profiles focused 100% on this topic, it must also be open to train profiles with potential that already exist within the company, and of course within the teams new technologies and work methodologies should be adopted, for example; agility, data science, cloud use, digital sales, among others.


Finally, within the company, retention strategies should be created for key employees in the digital transformation process.


Promote innovation inside and outside the organization:

If you decide to start working on digital transformation within the company, innovation will be fundamental. Therefore, it will be necessary to create strategies that encourage innovation among employees, this is what digital transformation looks like


Furthermore, innovation should not only be promoted among the internal public, it should also be applied to customers, suppliers and all the company’s stakeholders.


Beneficios de la transformación digital 2
Beneficios de la transformación digital 3

Be aware that the market is changing, and digital transformation must be a reality:

Last but not least, the market, competitors and new companies move faster every day, that is why digital transformation must be a reality in companies in the short or medium term. It is not about making technological changes, it is about implementing structural changes that really lead your company to digitally transform.


Every day customers are more demanding and the market demands more and more changes, therefore, not wanting to sound dramatic, it could be said that if a company is not digitally transformed, it will be destined to fail.


If you want to start implementing a digital transformation in your company, but you are new in this matter and do not know who to contact, we recommend Doctus, a company that works to solve the needs of its customers having as a key principle, to become strategic partners of your company, contributing with knowledge and action. 


We hope this post has helped you to learn a little more about the digital transformation process. Thank you for visiting our blog, we hope to see you in a future post.

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