Involve your customers in your content strategy, yes or no? Why is it important?

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Businesses survive, grow and expand in the market due to their customers, their loyalty, their repurchases and, of course, recommendations. Therefore, making them part of your content strategy is extremely beneficial for your brand, let us tell you why.

The customer is not only the one who buys and uses your product or service, your customer is much more than that, they are a key factor for the continuous construction of your business strategy, in other words, thanks to their opinions and comments, you can define many things within your company, including the content you are going to present to them.


Generally, when your customers come to you, it is because they have a clear need, however, what will make them choose you and not your competitor? The answer may be simple, you must deliver something different, an added value in your product or service, for example, by providing content that helps them to have a wider view of their needs.


In order to help you understand better, we will tell you how you can involve your customers or consumers in the content strategy and, in this way, deliver value:


1. Sales are important, but the experience you generate in your customers is what they will remember:


When your team understands the customer, and your company identifies that besides making transactions, it is a consumer who likes to know different topics and details of what he/she wants to buy, you are able to deliver a superior sales experience and surely, this customer will become your main supporter at the time of providing recommendations.


For example, if you have an e-commerce for pets, keep in mind that your customers are not only looking for the right food for their cat or dog, they may also be looking for reasons why their pets are changing their behavior, why they are sleeping more than usual or just the right shampoo to use to bathe them at home.


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It’s not just about selling, it’s about delivering value to the customer during the shopping experience.


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2. Listen to your customers and show them that they are important:


Your business probably has several types of sales channels, among them may be physical stores, e-commerce and of course social networks. Here, we recommend you pay close attention to what they are asking for, pay attention to the comments they are leaving on your publications, this will not only help you find topics to generate content with tools like, but also you will make them feel important, as they deserve.


3. Focus on all the phases involved in the sales process:


Every sales phase must be memorable for your customers, from the moment they come into your business or your e-commerce, until they receive the product or service on their doorstep. 


You may wonder how you can do this, and among the most used strategies are: A thank you message when they receive the product for their trust in your business, a discount for their first purchase, a voucher to celebrate their birthday, recommendations by email based on their buying habits, and of course, a friendly, fast and secure shopping experience.


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Keep in mind that your customers are your main ambassadors and generating the content strategy according to their needs will make them come back to you and recommend you, in other words, you will build customer loyalty, contributing to the growth and recognition of your business. If you are interested in learning more about how you can do this, Doctus is a company that will guide you in this process of involving your customers in your content strategy.


Thank you for visiting us, we hope this information has been beneficial to you and useful for your business.


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