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Conoce los beneficios de la Agilidad Empresarial 3 1

Every day, the term Business Agility is becoming more recognized in the corporate culture of companies, and one of the reasons may be the changing environment to which we are exposed today. Therefore, we want to share with you what it is and what are the main benefits of Business Agility


Before explaining the benefits, it is important to know what the word Agility means, it means a different way of operation and work, a different way of organization and doing things within the company. 


Generally, when you work under a Business Agility model, the project is divided into small responsibilities, and all of them must be carried out in a short time, usually in days or weeks.


Conoce los beneficios de la Agilidad Empresarial 1

The main objective is delivering products or services that meet the customers’ needs, who every day need fast, prioritized and innovative solutions, as a consequence of the accelerated market changes.


Below, we present the main benefits of Business Agility:


Conoce los beneficios de la Agilidad Empresarial 3

It allows reducing risks thanks to the conscious construction of projects: Business Agility requires teams to maintain a continuous monitoring in the evolution of projects, which allows participants to quickly adapt to changes, avoiding unexpected situations within the team as facing the client, basically, all involved are kept aware of cost increases or reductions, failures or details that may come out along the way.

Conoce los beneficios de la Agilidad Empresarial 3

It helps to speed up decision making: agile methodologies allow everyone involved in a project to be aware of what is happening, therefore, a stable and constant work rhythm is maintained, in addition to promoting a horizontal way of working, facilitating decision making and eliminating bureaucracy.

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Facilitates a positive customer experience: Thanks to quick feedback, and collaborative and trust-based communication, the customer almost becomes part of the team in a project based on an agile methodology, this ensures positive customer experience and immediately raises satisfaction levels.

Conoce los beneficios de la Agilidad Empresarial 4

People are at the center: Sometimes companies forget that their most important asset is their people in their day-to-day business. Therefore, a great benefit of Business Agility is that it gives greater responsibilities to people, gives them visibility, increases work autonomy and contributes to the realization of transparent projects. An agile methodology necessarily promotes teamwork, communication between the different parties, and fairness, helping people to be motivated and teams to be more productive.

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Enables the creation and development of deliverables in a short time and in a way that is adaptable to changes: Business Agility allows the adoption of flexible methodologies when executing projects, allowing for constant evolution and the delivery of several products or services in a few weeks or even days.

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Allows to predict the results to be obtained: One of the great benefits of Business Agility is that, by working hand in hand with customers on projects, you can get to know them better, therefore, generating accurate deliverables, reducing errors and returns by customers.

Conoce los beneficios de la Agilidad Empresarial 1

The above benefits sound very interesting, and I’m sure you’re wondering, how can I implement Business Agility in my business? At this point my recommendation is that you look for an expert partner, who can provide you with experience and knowledge, because to apply an agile methodology, you must start with a cultural change in your company. Here is where I want to talk about Doctus, who can offer you the support and training you need when you need to set up an agile methodology in your company.


Doctus, a company that focuses on solving the specific needs of each client with the premise of becoming strategic partners of your company, contributing to its development based on knowledge and action. They, as a company, work under agile methodologies, therefore, they are more than suitable to support you with your transformation, in case you want to make this big change in the way you work.


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