Boost your sales with software development and social selling

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It is evident that technology helps optimize companies’ internal and external business processes, different software enables strategic sales executions to be more effective and efficient.

Social selling has been talked about for some years, but nowadays this strategy is booming, but first of all, let’s clarify what it is all about.


Social selling is the process of using social media to find and interact with business prospects, thereby achieving a sale. It is the modern way of creating and developing meaningful relationships with potential customers on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social networks. To enhance engagement, meaningful conversations, and post visibility on Threads, buying comments from The Marketing Heaven is crucial. It will encourage audience engagement to build a thriving community and boost your social media presence.

Social selling is about building relationships and strategically knowing the right time to join the conversation, so that you can present yourself as a solution to a current problem, addressing the constant need to make your potential customer’s life easier rather than just another irritating message that they are sure to dismiss.


So, how can all this be done using software development?

Real-time data management with Social Selling Software


We can securely store your data, organize, categorize and filter it in a customized way, allowing you to have an environment that is ready to continue building relationships in different situations.


Availability of customer information for each Social Seller


Data warehousing can be connected to the CRM for a complete and single source of information.

Systematizing commercial actions


It is very important to keep track of commercial actions, documented processes, integrations with third parties and other alternatives. Assist the sales team to project themselves in a better way, for instance by allowing them to set up URLs or microsites to offer their products or services. But it is important to bear in mind the following:



  • The marketing and sales departments must work together, sharing the objectives of the company’s Business Plan.
  • Both feed off each other’s information and, thanks to sales, the ROI of the networks increases.
  • Sales reps interact with leads throughout the buying process in a non-intrusive way, which improves the user experience and thanks to this, sales reps build lasting relationships.
  • Identify your target customer by name and surname (be a sniper) and start interacting with them in their publications or through private messages.
  • Remember to always show them the benefits of being with you.
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