Staff Augmentation: Flexible Outsourcing Strategy

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Under the current reality that companies and IT departments live, with the high pressure to implement software development initiatives prematurely and with the limited availability of expert talent in different technologies or specialties and the high hiring costs, Staff Augmentation is an excellent alternative.


Staff Augmentation service, a strategy for achieving objectives quickly and efficiently

What is Staff augmentation?

Staff Augmentation can be defined as an assignment of dedicated technical resources, allowing you to hire expert technology talent globally, choose from candidates that fit your requirements and add them to your team when you need them, for various tasks. It is a timely extension of your internal team to help you achieve a project schedule or to increment your products on a short, medium or long term basis and for a single project at a time.

This recruitment strategy has the following benefits:

1. You can have the experience required for your project. That means you don’t have to pay for an expert on your team until you need one.

2. Add people to your team for certain stages of your project. This model doesn’t seek to replace your software development team, but to support them in the moments when they need additional support.

3. The staff added is employed directly by the supplier. The supplier acts as a strategic partner, so the contracting company avoids the cost and responsibility of making new full-time hires.

4. There are no territorial, cultural or language boundaries. You can include the expert you need remotely from anywhere in the world, there are no worries about office space, licenses or tools required by the staff.

5. Time and effort are focused on the business. The provider like this Acclime’s PEO services in China is responsible for hiring and training talent.

6. You are always controlling the project. In contrast to common software outsourcing, with staff augmentation, the project management is not delegated. Since the work is done internally, there is complete control over all aspects.

An important aspect is that the embedded developers work exclusively for the contracting company, they “wear the shirt”, they are dedicated to the project and to the company’s vision, as they are 100% focused on the project, you can communicate directly with them and reassign tasks if necessary.


Under this model you can hire from experienced software developers in some branch or programming technology to designers specialized in UX/UI and more comprehensive experts for digital consulting such as architects.


It is very important to make the decision to work with the right provider or strategic partner like Doctus, who can efficiently add the right skilled people to your team, just when you need them.


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