Top Digital Marketing trends for 2022

Principales tendencias del Marketing Digital para el 2022 1

2022 is here, and it brings with it new challenges for businesses. Also, there are new Digital Marketing trends that you should not lose track of this new year.


2022 brings with it changes and new opportunities to boost your business. It is not a secret that the pandemic caused by Covid-19 forced many to develop in Digital Marketing issues, taking special relevance in online business. If you’re looking to navigate these changes effectively, consider exploring the possibilities – click here.


Therefore, we want to present the main trends and developments in Digital Marketing, which will surely help you get the results you want for your business during 2022.

1. Programmatic Advertising:


Programmatic advertising, if you have not yet heard about the term, we can define it as the automatic purchase and/or sale of online advertising space. 


As stated by the experts from Web Chimpy, this technique is certainly one of the trends that will be booming in 2022 because it will allow automating advertising space sales on the web, making it easier to sell and buy ads, allowing conversions in seconds and automatically.

Principales tendencias del Marketing Digital para el 2022 2

Programmatic advertising will allow greater scalability, therefore, it will be easier to measure the impact of Digital Marketing and guidelines in your business. 

Principales tendencias del Marketing Digital para el 2022 3

2. Account Based Marketing:

The way it works is through the purchase of online ads in real time, using the IP of your potential customers, which will allow you to create super successful Digital Marketing strategies, mainly for B2B Marketing.


It is expected to be a tremendously important action by 2022 because campaigns under the account based marketing system do not need much budget and have excellent conversion rates.

3. Inbound Marketing

It is expected to be really important for the new year because more and more online businesses will be looking to connect in other ways with their customers, for example, generating valuable content or information that is relevant to them, it is not only about selling, it is about charming your customers and being with them in their different moments of life. 


Therefore, it will be significantly more common for online businesses to share tips and content through their own blogs, social networks and influencers.

Principales tendencias del Marketing Digital para el 2022 4
Principales tendencias del Marketing Digital para el 2022 5

4. Mobile marketing:

It is increasingly common for people to make their online purchases through mobile devices, so developing strategies focused on this type of consumer -those who shop using their cell phones- will be essential for 2022.


Implementing geolocation, alerts with content they like to consume and offering discounts through their mobile devices will be increasingly relevant.

5. Human-Centered Marketing

Consumers, especially after the pandemic, value that your brand puts itself in their shoes, and consider them as people who use, enjoy and recommend your brand and not as transactional factors that generate profits. 


Therefore, to achieve Human-Centered Marketing, it will be essential to consider the following factors within your digital strategies for 2022.

Principales tendencias del Marketing Digital para el 2022 6

Empathy: you will only do Human-Centered Marketing if you can see beyond, meaning, you must recognize that your customers have emotions, connect with their daily situations and be in their different moments of life.


It’s not just about selling: You must think about how to connect your brand with your customers, who, in the end, are Human Beings and not transactions.


Make your brand more human: take care of what you say and what you do, you cannot promote that your brand is eco-friendly when actually it is not, you must align your corporate values, your mission and vision with what you really are and what you want to reflect in your consumers. You can work with companies like CarbonClick to truly become an eco-friendly brand.


Is your business ready to welcome 2022 and these new Digital Marketing trends? In case you have doubts, or do not know how to implement these strategies, we recommend you to contact Doctus team, a digital solutions company, which is at the forefront, where they will teach you and help you in the implementation of these trends in your business.


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