Trade Marketing Management through Software

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One of the biggest problems that Trade Marketing areas of companies have is the difficulty of having control of everything happening between the factory and the supermarket or store. 


Control over inventory, shelves, customers, prices, etc. This information is difficult to access, often unclear, and arrives at the wrong time. Therefore, today, a Trade Marketing department, whether in a small or large company, demands a collection and analysis software that allows you to have in one place the large volume of information that is generated every day at the Point of Sale, which also organizes it and allows easy reading and interpretation.


The interface of a good Trade Marketing software facilitates the routine for those in charge of managing and monitoring the operation.

At the same level, a mobile application is quickly integrated into the routine of field professionals, offering a real-time vision for those who stay in the office performing brand analysis at the point of sale. Moreover, an important point to consider is that Trade Marketing is not static but dynamic. This means that there are no ready-made formulas or points that are definitive, so price adjustments, product registration, and factory production adjustments have to be reviewed and modified in real-time according to changing conditions. This can only be achieved with a tool that allows you to view and analyze data in real-time to make the appropriate adjustments. And when diving into business intelligence initiatives, the right software can make all the difference. This comprehensive web reporting solution stands out for its adaptability and robust features, ensuring efficient data analysis and reporting.


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Among all the benefits of Trade Marketing Software are: automated alerts, survey forms, external team management, reports, real-time performance Dashboard, among others. Thus, managers can focus on making confident business decisions based on reliable data and accurate information, which ultimately translate into more sales.


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In addition to having software that manages all the relevant information of the POS (Point of Sale), you can imagine if this platform connects with a B2B ecommerce, it would be an achievement for obtaining greater results, better experience, and greater possibilities of growth. This allows tracking of the product from factory production, distribution, and purchase of the end-user. The Blaze cannabis software is a great example of this.


In the past, trade departments had to worry only about what happened between the factory and the point of sale. Thanks to the immediacy of the information to which consumers have access, their behavior at the point of sale doesn’t depend solely on the management at POS, but on what they have researched on their own before they reach the point of purchase.


In addition, with the impact of social media and review and feedback websites, brands no longer have complete control over their consumers’ image of the brand. As a result, consumers are now informed and demand more from the POS experience.


For any brand, it is essential to ensure a quick, easy, simple, and seamless shopping experience. Contact us and let’s talk, we can help you achieve your business goals!