Web vs. App vs. PWA: Which one do you need for your business?

Web vs App vs PWA

Have you ever had a digital need and you don’t know what kind of solution is the best idea?


Web vs App vs PWA 2

It is a certainty that we all need to enter into the digital world, but in what way? Should you enter through a website? Maybe you need a web app? Maybe what you need is a mobile application? At least 70% of clients ask themselves this question and expect recommendations from an expert partner like Doctus to build the best digital solution.


In this article you can clearly understand the differences and benefits to make the best decision.


Websites stand out for being digital spaces in which you can have information about your business exposed in an attractive way. Their URL will allow an easy diffusion of the information and, therefore, of your business or company. Websites are key in marketing strategies because they allow you to expand your audience, tell the story of your company and even educate potential customers about your products. This is the first option everyone thinks of and is the minimum you should have. In order to build a strong online presence, you must consider the full range of services a professional liverpool web design company has to offer.

web apps

Web Apps or Web Applications

These can be especially useful if you are looking for your users to have a personalized experience, that is, when using your web app each user will see something according to their needs, specifications or the segmentation you have created, which is different from the mostly static information offered by a website. In web apps, users can interact with it, it is even an excellent alternative if you are looking to make integrations with other applications. Keep in mind that the web apps live and work inside Internet browsers.

Mobile App or Mobile Applications

If websites have become the must-have for every business, mobile apps have become the new booom… that everyone wants. But do you really need a mobile app? In this case, not making the right decision could bring you headaches, and loss of time and money in development, without taking into account the great frustration that this situation can generate. According to some mobile app developers just like the mobile apps melbourne, you should keep in mind that mobile applications must be downloadable, available on different operating systems and customization is the most important part of their raison to exist. Likewise, you must know your audience and know in what proportion they use mobile vs. desktop. If you think that the previous thing mentioned could become a barrier, instead of an impulse, you could consider other options, such as PWAs.


mobile app

PWAs try to take the best of both worlds. They are web applications that can be installed, though not required, on your system and can even run offline (with limited functionality, depending on what your app does). PWAs also maintain the UX and app experience for users.


Hopefully, this will allow you to make more informed decisions about the future of your digital expansion. You may already have at least initial impressions of what a website, a web app, a mobile app, and even a PWA can do.


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