What is marketing automation, and how can it help your business grow?


Surely when you hear marketing automation, you refer to data collection campaigns that you often find in social networks, however, it is much more than that, marketing automation is an important process that you can implement to grow your business. Here we are going to explain a little bit about it.

To start talking about marketing automation, it is necessary to understand what the term means. Marketing automation is the combination of different software that interact with each other to create automatic marketing strategies and in this way, convert potential customers (leads), into real customers or loyalty to those you already have.

Therefore, marketing automation can bring great benefits to your business, and we want to share with you the main ones:

1. Boost sales processes:
When you have automated marketing (look into Ful.io to learn about it in detail), you can get to know your leads and potential customers much better, which allows you to create an open communication with them, understanding their needs and what they really require from your business. This undoubtedly boosts your sales.

2. Segment customers:
with the implementation of automation, you can accurately know details about your leads and how potential customers are, for example, what product they buy the most, at what time they do it, through what device, in what cities they live, among others. The best of all is that you don’t have to build any of this in an operational or manual way, because marketing automation gives you the information about your leads ready and in less time. This, of course, allows you to build customer loyalty because the strategies will be directed according to their behavior.

3. Reduce costs:
As a company manager, surely this benefit catches your attention, therefore, here we explain why implementing this process will bring cost reduction. With this process you will be able to define the right budget for your marketing campaigns, minimizing the error and expense margin. Additionally, you reduce human resource costs, because with this, your team does not focus on the operational but on the strategy and thus, you do not need the same number of people you had before having automatic marketing.

4. Make your business visible in different channels:
With marketing automation, you can publicize your business through different channels, meaning that a marketing campaign can be on social networks or websites frequented by your customers at the same time. This way, you can be more likely to capture leads that are related to your business and the products you offer.

5. Track and measure the actions of automation in real time:
This process in addition to the above benefits, has an additional and no less important one. With automation you can monitor, track and measure the results of your campaigns in real time, getting to know the impact you are generating and in this way determine the cost vs. the benefit, also this allows you to readjust budgets and know the leads you are capturing through your campaigns.

With these 5 benefits you probably understood easily, such as how marketing automation contributes to the growth of your business, however, and if you are not an expert on the subject, surely you won’t know how to implement it properly. Therefore, our recommendation is to rely on an ally to help you choose the right platforms, train your team and transmit the necessary knowledge to apply this great practice in your business. Moreover, apply the Marketing Productivity Methodology to ensure the success of your marketing campaign.

Doctus can be the expert ally, it is a company that will work on your project with the same dedication as you, materializing your idea, being the innovation, the inspiration of its actions and of course, transmitting the knowledge you need to implement marketing automation in your business.

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