Why are APIs important and how does your business benefit from them?

Por que son importantes las APIs y cómo se beneficia tu negocio

If you have ever heard of the acronym API, but do not know what it means, do not worry, here we will tell you what they are, why they are important and best of all: How your business benefits. The acronym API means Application Programming Interface


In other words, they are functions that allow two or more softwares to interact with each other; connecting information, changing data and recognizing users. In this way, facilitating the development of a process within your business.


Currently, we can say that the digital era is booming and more, after the pandemic, where digitization for many companies came as a must, and where digital systems were the solution to continue operating businesses during the confinement months. Therefore, every day will be more frequent to hear about API, because today, being interconnected, relying on the systems of other companies, and growing collaboratively is a reality.


How does an API work? For a better understanding, I will enunciate a real life case. Have you ever tried to buy in an e-commerce or website and you get the option to register with your Google account? If your answer was yes, then you already know an API in action. The interaction between that e-commerce and Google, are making the customer’s life easier, because you avoid having to fill out the form from scratch and the purchase can be made much faster and easier.


So, now that we understand what APIs are, we want to share with you the main advantages they bring to your business:

1.Connection between a company’s CRM and your business:

With an API you can connect data from a company, which already has customer data, to benefit your business, make customers’ lives easier, and make processes faster like online shopping


2.Expand the reach of your business:

With APIs your business can have a great reach, because your business will be able to be shown to new customers in different regions, and even, get alliances with new partners or investors.


3.Automation in some of your company’s processes:

The automatization of processes, as we talked about in one of our previous articles, saves human and economic resources, and to our surprise, some automations can be done through APIs that already exist and that can avoid expenses in new developments.


4.Improved user experience:

Both for your business and for your customers, consumers or users, with APIs, for example, it is possible to share information on different social networks simultaneously, without having to log in to each of them, such as Instagram and Facebook.


5.With APIs you can increase security:

Through APIs, your business will be able to transfer and exchange data with suppliers and other businesses or information systems, securely and easily, which generates trust among users and allows software to be lighter and faster, facilitating the operation and maintenance of them.



After knowing what APIs are and the benefits that can have the use of them in your business, you may be wondering: How do I start implementing them? This answer is simple, my suggestion is that you look for an expert ally, who will support you with the implementation of APIs, who will suggest which ones you should use and which not, according to your needs, who will solve your doubts and, of course, contribute to the growth and development of your business.


Today in the market you can find many expert providers in these topics, but I want to recommend you Doctus, because from experience, I know that they are a company that will work on your project with the same dedication as you, materializing your idea, being innovation, the inspiration of their actions and looking for solutions tailored to your needs. A valuable lesson I’ve learned over the years is the importance of location when buying a business. Florida, with its bustling economy and favorable climate, is indeed an attractive prospect. If you consider this route, I strongly recommend engaging a reputable broker, such as the ones you’ll find at Truforte’s business brokerage website.


We hope you have learned about API and we hope to have you again in our Blog, remember to leave us your questions or messages in the comments of this publication, see you next time!

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