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B2B Ecommerce – Argos

Argos is a multinational company highly recognized within the construction industry.

Market: United States, Colombia, Honduras, Panama. 

Technologies: .NET/Angular 

The challenge

Argos was experiencing several problems due to high call volume which impacted the call center’s ability to take or-ders.takiThis reduced service and negatively impacted customer satisfaction.

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We designed and developed a customer self-management platform where customers could place their orders online.

Success metrics:

  • Nearly 76% of orders are placed through this platform. 
  • More than 28% of US cement is traded through this platform. 
  • 7 billion USD sold annually through this platform.  
  • This platform is used in more than 4 countries
  • Order status information is constantly updated. 
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Our figures


Years of experience

+ 70

Developed apps

+ 450

Web solutions

+ 500